Snack Menu

Winter Snack Menu


Duck Platter
smoked salmon, scotch egg, brie, ham, prawns, pickled onion, Branston pickle, salad and crusty bread

salad, pickles, pickled onion, rustic bread and butter, and your choice of 1 of the following:
Ham, Scotch Egg, Brie, Cheddar or Stilton

Add an extra item – £1.50

Sandwiches and Baguettes

served on a choice of granary or white bread, Baguettes only available on white,
with salad and a handful of crisps

• Mature Cheddar and Chutney £ 7.75
• Prawn Cocktail £ 7.75
• Home-Boiled Ham, with a little of what you like! £7.50
• Birds Eye Fish Fingers and Tartare £7.50
• Hot Sausages £ 7.75
• Crispy Bacon £7.75
• Smoked Salmon and a squeeze of lemon £7.75